world [wʉrld]
[ME < OE werold, world, humanity, long time, akin to OHG weralt < early WGmc comp. < * wera-, man (see WEREWOLF) + * alth-, an age, mankind (for IE base see OLD): basic sense “the age of man”]
a) the planet earth
b) the whole universe
c) any heavenly body thought of hypothetically as inhabited [worlds in space]
2. the earth and its inhabitants
a) the human race; mankind
b) people generally; the public [a discovery that startled the world]
a) [also W-] some part of the earth [the Old World]
b) some period of history, its society, etc. [the ancient world]
c) any sphere or domain [the animal world]
d) any sphere of human activity [the world of music]
e) any sphere or state of existence [the world of tomorrow]
5. individual experience, outlook, etc. [a man whose world is narrow]
a) secular or social life and interests, as distinguished from the religious or spiritual
b) people primarily concerned with secular affairs and pursuits
7. [often pl.] a large amount; great deal [the rest did him a world (or worlds) of good]
8. a star or planet
bring into the world
1. to give birth to
2. to assist in the delivery of (a child)
come into the world
to be born
for all the world
1. for any reason or consideration at all
2. in every respect; exactly
in the world
1. on earth or in the universe; anywhere [where in the world could you find this?]
2. at all; ever [how in the world did you know?]
☆ on top of the world
Informal elated with joy, pride, success, etc.; exultant
☆ out of this world
Slang exceptionally fine; extraordinary
world without end

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